Be a Reacher

Taking the Reach 10 Challenge is the first step to leading change in your circle of friends and family. You can be a source of understanding and inspiration to those around you. Together we will create a new culture of compassion, connection, and courage.

  1. Watch the Reach 10 intro video to learn about our mission.
  2. Read one Reach 10 blog post to learn to effectively reach others and connect in meaningful ways.
  3. Like and follow the Reach 10 Facebook page and subscribe to our email updates.
  4. Reach out to 10 people to learn what they think about our goal to replace the culture of shame, silence, and fear regarding pornography with connection, conversation, and confidence. You can start with one person or a group, and keep going from there until you reach 10! Listen to understand what their thoughts and opinions are. How conversation goes is up to you.
  5. Share something on social media about Reach 10, or about your experience with the Reach 10 Challenge. Use the hashtags #reach10 or #reach10challenge. Contact us if you had an experience doing the Challenge that you would like to share!

To reach is to start an conversation with someone about this issue in a way that builds real connection.