How To Connect with Honesty and Compassion

Our relationships are the most treasured gifts of life. Family. Friends. That person who makes your heart light up with their smile.

When something gets in the way and creates walls of silence, tension, or fear, we lose some of that joy. Today, pornography is damaging relationships on a scale never seen before in history.

Our How-to Guides share our ideas for how to talk more openly and connect more deeply to overcome the impact of pornography in our lives. We do the research and talk to experts, but no one has figured all of this out yet. Help us find the answers. Try out these ideas, then let us know how it went and what you learned!

Here is a short list of our most practical guides for how to heal and reconnect relationships in the age of pornography. Reach out and change the culture, one relationship at a time.

How-to Guides

Managing Shame: The First Step in Confronting Uncomfortable Topics

Recognizing the Red Flags of Shame – How Do You Feel?

Love, Trust and Truth: Talking About Pornography When You’re Dating

How to Build Connection When a Friend Discloses Their Struggle With Pornography

Talking About Taking a Recovery Journey Together