Conversations about pornography take courage – so we’ve simplified the steps to help you whether you want to reach out for help or be a good friend to someone who needs some help.

Reach out if you struggle with pornography

  1. List all the people you could talk to
  2. Give them a chance to prepare
  3. Meet in person for the first real talk
  4. Ask for the help that you need
  5. Keep the relationship going

 Respond well when someone tells you they struggle with pornography

  1. Listen with compassion
  2. Appreciate their courage and worth
  3. Recognize their challenge
  4. Ask about their goals
  5. Discuss how to help them

You can print out a copy of our Conversation Card for a reminder. These are wallet-sized cards to carry with you so you are ready to have a compassionate conversation any time.

If you would like to order printed cards to share with a group, please contact us.

Conversation Card inside (with list)

Conversation Card outside (with Reach 10 contact info)

conversation cards

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