Have you seen how pornography problems have affected people you care about and want to do something to make a difference?

Our Reach 10 Leadership Team meets in person and helps create resources for talking about these hard issues and building healthy relationships. We share our ideas with young adults everywhere through our blog, social media, and events.

If you can meet with us in Provo, UT on Thursday evenings from 7 – 8:45 pm and can commit to coming to at least one meeting each month, come and participate with other young people who care about this issue and want to work together to solve these problems. We need your ideas!

Qualifications to join:
• Age 18-30
• Women and men
• Single or married
• Student or non-student
• Commit to attend at least one workshop each month – but you can attend all if you like!

We have room for a limited number of team members.

Please fill out the form here or below and we will contact you soon. Thank you!