Reach 10 prepares young leaders to create a new culture of compassion, connection, and courage to replace the shame, silence, and fear that keep people stuck in the problems of pornography.

What is Reach 10?

Reach 10 prepares young adults to become leaders on the issue of pornography. Our name is a call to action – we believe that one person can make a difference as they reach out to 10 people. Our vision is a new culture of compassion, connection, and confidence to replace the shame, silence and fear that keep people isolated and stuck in the problems of pornography.

We provide a platform that brings young adults together to create solutions, and then help them share their ideas with the community through our blog, social media, and events. Young leaders engage in education, networking, and real-life skill building. They learn as they work together, and most importantly, as they reach out to their own friends and family.

The problem and the solution

Millenials are the first generation to have grown up with easy access to Internet pornography, and they are now living with the consequences.

Pornography causes serious problems in people’s lives and relationships. Unfortunately, sometimes the way we handle the issue can make problems worse rather than solve them.

We know most people want to help each other, they just need to know how. We share real experiences and practical ideas for how to talk about these hard issues and build healthy relationships.

Join us to create a new culture of open communication, sincere connection, and renewed confidence that will empower young adults to reach out and help each other overcome this challenge facing their generation.

Who are we?  More importantly, who are you?

Reach 10 was founded by Vauna Davis, an advocate for educating the public on the public health threat of pornography.  She facilitates the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Prevention Task Force at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) and served as director of Utah Coalition Against Pornography (UCAP).

As a leader on the issue, she was frequently contacted by Millenials who wanted to get involved. Seeing an opportunity to prepare a new generation of leaders to move the cause forward, she gathered a group of young adults to put their heads together, and the idea for Reach 10 was born.

Our core group of young leaders contribute their time and energy working together in the Provo, Utah area. We became a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2017 with a mission to give Millenials leadership experience and a voice for overcoming the damaging impact of pornography through connection.

Do you want to be part of changing the culture? Are you ready to be a leader in your social circle? If you believe pornography is harmful, if you were raised in a culture that attached shame, silence, and fear to sexual issues, and if you believe young people will be the ones to change everything for the better, this is the space for you.

More sincere connection

We focus on 5 relationships that can be strengthened through honesty and compassion:

  1. Yourself
  2. Romantic relationships
  3. Friendships
  4. Family relationships
  5. Community leaders

We envision a society where people feel safe to be honest and open talking about pornography issues, where we respect and support each other as whole people who are overcoming challenges, and where we are proactively preparing people to live free from pornography starting when they are young.

Get Involved

Young adults can participate on many levels – from learning to build connection in their own relationships, to fully engaged Reach 10 leaders who create content, teach in the community, and help run the organization.

Reach 10 offers networking, education, practical experiences, and skill-building that will prepare a new generation of leaders who will create healthy alternatives to the damaging culture influenced by pornography and sexualized media. Learn more about getting involved by taking the Reach 10 Challenge, sharing your story, or becoming a Reach 10 team member.